There is nothing that rivals a bed of flowering annuals for sheer colour. Yes, they do need replacing twice a year – spring summer/autumn winter, but it is worth the effort. You can stay with your favourite or break out and have a change of variety and colour.


  • Flowering annuals come in all types, heights, colours and uses

  • Renowned for mass colour

  • Flowers come in almost all colours.

  • They range in height from 15cm to a metre.


  • Plant in mixed borders or massed beds

  • Good ‘fillers’

  • In pots and containers

  • Some are good for floral art


  • Full sun

  • Good clay loam soil with summer water holding capacity

  • Work in Rose fertiliser before planting

  • Deep watering in dry summer periods

  • Most annuals are free of pests and diseases.

  • Possible pests are: Aphids and caterpillars. – spray with ‘Mavrik’ (Safe to bees and soft on ladybirds)

  • Possible disease: Powdery Mildew – spray with Yates Greenguard

  • Removing spent flowers will prolong flowering

  • To get the best from winter / early spring flowing annuals they should be planted in March

Season of availability and recommended planting:

Whilst the range of annuals available is quite large, the following list covers the most popular and best performers. The planting and flowering times stated below may vary with variety and from season to season.